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Agent dan Distributor Resmi PT CLARIANT INDONESIA di Bidang Tekstil

Clariant's history in Indonesia

  • 1965-Sandoz established a representative sales office in Bandung for the sales of Textile products
  • 1970's-Sandoz and Hoechst established first two production facilities for emulsions and textile products through JV's (Jakarta/Bogor)
  • 1990-Opened new factory in Tangerang
  • 1995-Sandoz Chemicals spun off to form Clariant
  • 1996-Hoechst opened the Cilegon factory for the production of emulsions for the paint, adhesives, textile, paper adn leather markets


Pt. Clariant Indonesia "today"

  • The largest producer of specialty chemicals in Indonesia-Our products conform to strict European standards
  • Over 650 employee's
  • Major supplier of products and services to the Paint, Plastic, Textile, Papr, Leather, Oil & Gas, Personal Care, Crop Protection industries
  • 3rdlargest production base for Clariant in Asia behind China and Japan
  • Continue to make investments in our production, laboratory and infrastructure (expansion of WWTP in 2006)
  • Our analytical laboratories have the highest capabilities of anygroup company in Asia
  • Both our domestic and export markets continue to grow


Pt. Clariant Indonesia-Textiles

  • Installed capacity for well over 50,000 tons
  • Largest producer of Textile chemicals in Indonesia
  • Clariant's largest production site for Textiles chemicals in Asia
  • Domestically produce a wide range of products

-Pretreatment products

-Stabilizers/ scouring agents/ sequestering/ wetting

-Optical brighteners

-Dyeing auxiliaries

-Fixatives/ pH modifiers/ washing off/ lubricants/ anti crease

-Finishing of disperse dyes

-Finishing chemicals

-Softener/ silicones/ etcetc